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          The mentoring scheme has been established for over 15 years, with sixth form students supporting students in Years 7 & 8. Mentors meet their mentees once a week to support academic study, organisation and the development of social skills. Year 12 students are trained in Peer Support and Anti-Bullying, currently led by The Diana Awards. Support is offered on both an individual and Form basis. The scheme is incredibly successful, with a number of students forming strong bonds. The support offered younger students allows the mentors to develop leadership qualities that are in turn invested in growing our community. The success of the scheme has also seen students who have themselves benefited from mentoring in turn serve as mentors upon reaching sixth form.



          Year 12 students visit each Year 7 & 8 Form once a week. They aid the Form tutor in ensuring that Form members maintain their planner, engage in Reflection Time, plan assemblies and help to develop social skills. They are also trained in 'anti-bullying' issues and mediating.

          This scheme is currently being redeveloped by the Youth Health Champions but was originally established in September 2013 to encourage Year 7 & 8 Form groups to work together to combat bullying. With support from the Form Buddies and the form Tutors, the Year 10 无欺大使 are developing a range of presentations that will work through 5 key issues. They will then decide if a Form can be awarded ‘Bully-Free Status.’

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